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Hey, y’all! Welcome to my little home on the web. I thought for my first post, I’d share a little about me. Although, as I write this we are all being mindful of social distancing at home. I have several Autoimmune disorders and must practice caution during normal times. These times are far from normal.

What I’d love to be doing at the moment, is driving to Galveston Island for a week or two. I will, as soon as this Covid19 mess is sorted. For now, I have plenty to keep me busy, such as preparing some content for you to read. When I’m not working, I am reading, while listening to ambient sounds of the ocean. That is as close as I can come to the beach for now. It is more important to keep everyone safe. Below is a picture of our last trip to Galveston in 2019.

Sunrise at Galveston Island 2019

I enjoy crocheting blankets for my family and friends. The most I made in one year, was thirty-two. Yes, that is a lot of crocheting and they were all twin-size or larger blankets. I follow some patterns and also create my own one-of-a-kind patterns.

I love to cook! Yes, I am a true Southern Woman. I like homecooked meals, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, shoot! If it’s fried, I like it. I also love to cook gourmet meals. I am nearly a vegetarian-pescatarian. I do eat meat on occasion, but not often. I eat a lot of Mediterranean foods, Asian, and Tex-Mex. These are the foods I cook most often for my family. I do believe in balance, though. So, I still cook their favorite Southern foods a few times a month. I don’t believe in strictly adhering to a particular diet. Instead, we follow the “anything in moderation” rule. Below are some photos of me teaching my grandson how to roll out dumplings and a banana pudding pie from few years ago. Recipes passed down to me from my Grams, and hers before.

The men in my family can cook as well as women. Grams always wanted to be sure to teach her boys the same as her girls. Grams didn’t follow with the whole Patriarchial ideology most men of the South do with the “man’s role and women’s role” nonsense. She considered cooking basic survival. She began teaching me to cook when I was four years old on her wood-burning stove in her living room. By the time I was six, she was teaching me on an open fire outside. Then, I graduated to the kitchen. I have baked cakes outside as well as I have inside an oven. She taught the girls to chop wood, build fences, and animal husbandry. Grams expected the women she raised to be strong enough of build and character to provide for ourselves and maintain our homes. Mama and I continued that tradition. Both these ladies are gone, leaving me the Matriarch of the family.

That’s all I have for you today. I will see you next time at Tales From The Front Porch Swing. Be blessed, y’all! xox

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